WELCOME TO KEYINCODE Electronic and mechanical access control products CONTACT KIC LOCKER LOCKS KEYINCODE Locker Locks Logo KEYINCODE KIC1000 KEYINCODE KIC1000 Featuring the KIC1000 cabinet lock ELECTRONIC LOCKS Featuring the KIC4510, 5510 and 6510 KEYINCODE Electronic Locks Logo KIC5510 Un-mounted KEYINCODE Smart Locks Logo KIC6510 Un-mounted KEYINCODE Smart Locks Logo KEYINCODE Smart Locks Logo EXIT TRIM HARDWARE KEYINCODE’s Trim is durable, stylish, functional and meets code.
From Escutcheon thumb-piece to lever to pull trim as well
as a cylindrical model to fill and cover a 161 prep,
the many options will match your application.
KEYINCODE Exit Trim Logo KEYINCODE Exit Trim Hardware KEYINCODE Panic Trim Hardware
EXIT HARDWARE Featuring the KIC3100, 5500, GLS1000 and 1100 KEYINCODE Exit Hardware Logo Tradition Head Exit Device Narrow Stile Head Exit Device


KEYINCODE’s (KIC) growing range of electronic and mechanical access control products are designed to meet codes and standards for a range of security applications and needs. Code for access; electronic (keypad, card or phone) or mechanical are at the heart of what we do.

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The code is the key.

BHMA Certified
Lifetime Warranty
Meets by American Act
  • KIC1000 Locker Locks
    Electronic stand alone Locks for lockers and enclosures, typically replacements for basic keycam locks.
  • Electronic Locks KIC4510, 5510, 6000
    Stand alone digital door locks, ANSI Grade 1, 2 or 3. Access options by key, Keypad, card or phone.
  • Exit Trim Hardware
    Durable, stylish, functional and meets code.
  • Exit Hardware Panic Devices
    Exit escape hardware ANSI Grade 1, 2 or 3.

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