Using SmartLocks to Manage Rental Properties

KIC SmartLocks for Rentals

Using SmartLocks to Manage Rental Properties

How and why are Smartlocks to become part of the new normal for managing rental properties after Covid-19?

Scenario Example:

“My rental cottage is in Maine, 3.5 hours away from my home in Massachusetts, my property manager is in self-quarantine due to Covid-19, it’s the start of rental season, how will I get keys to my cleaning crew and weekly renters?”


Rental property can be a blessing and a nuisance at the same time. No matter the wonderful memories created for all renters each season, as an owner the nightmares regarding logistics seem to multiply as each year passes by. It used to be easier. My friendly realtor who’s office was located only a few miles from the property handled rentals and renters greeting them upon arrival, provided instructions, handing them the keys and was the contact for any emergencies.

When the rental period was over with reliable precision she inspected the property and arranged for the cleaning crew to be finished in time for the next renter. In theory is sounds easy. But it was not a perfect system. What could go wrong? When it comes to locks on occasion a renter would leave early, lock the door with the only keys inside, in clear view of course. Add the cost of a locksmith to visit a vacation rental for a lockout and time lost by all and profits go down quickly. 2020 brings yet new challenges. My realtor is in self-quarantine and with the season beginning, the challenge is now urgent. Looks like I’ll be going back and forth each week two times. I wish there was another way of managing this problem.

Handing keys to renters upon the date and time of the start of the rental cycle and then retrieving them upon departure is effective if you have someone working the process. But if there is an unexpected interruption logistics becomes a major reason for irritation for all involved.

There is a way to solve the problem of having to issue keys upon arrival and retrieving keys upon departure or making keys available to cleaning or repair service people. Eliminate keys.

Install a SmartLock that allows you to set the start time and date, the end time and date remotely, without the need for WiFi or to be present at the lock for each rental period.

How it works

KEYINCODE of North Reading, Massachusetts SmartLocks Series can be installed on just about any wood, metal or composite door. SmartLocks include a Time & Duration function to manage access during each rental period. You can assign codes to renters from wherever you are to wherever they are located. You enter the date and time schedules for each lock via a free APP using your Smart Phone or tablet. A unique code is generated automatically by algorithm in “the cloud” based on the time period selected. Codes will never be repeated. Codes self-erase at the conclusion of the time period. You request codes from wherever you are located, even block the code if necessary. Your cell phone is communicating with the cloud. You send the code to your renter from your phone or tablet via email, text or SMS.

How does it work without the WiFi connection? An algorithm chip located on the miniature pc board matches that in the cloud. The lock will understand a mathematical “command” presented by the unique code automatically programming the lock upon the code being entered.

Another benefit of KEYINCODE SmartLocks is being able to program a unique code, card/fob or even cell phone for service people. You can select access parameters for each user for each lock. You can choose from one-time use to a length of time you choose. Any time a code is used the transaction recorded. The KEYINCODE K3 Connect APP can manage multiple locks from the same Administrator’s SmartPhone or Tablet.


KEYINCODE SmartLocks can be an integral part of the “new normal” way to manage your vacation rental property.

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