Wifi Smartlocks

Wifi Smartlocks Overview

The KEYINCODE series of smartlocks are ideal for office, retail, warehouse, vacation rental and multi-family environments. The line is designed to accommodate a variety of doors within these environments, including main doors, suite and unit entries, conference rooms, common area doors and IT closets. The series, including BHMA grade 1 and 2, as well as a grade 3 equivalent, is designed to accommodate everything from light-traffic closets to the most heavily trafficked common and exterior doors.

These wifi smartlocks utilize built-in wifi to connect directly to the internet via existing Wifi networks, allowing property owners to affordably extend access control deeper into buildings beyond traditional wired exterior doors.

Enables periodic updates from web-hosted applications via built-in wifi

Allows for remote monitoring & control from anywhere via web browser or mobile app

Supports multiple credential types including PINs, Temporary Guest PINs, ReadyPINs (Algorithmic), MIFARE Classic Cards & Mobile

Features uninterrupted, door-access usage—lock retains all programming and data even in the event of power outage or router offline

KIC4500, 5500, 6500 SERIES OVERVIEW


Wifi enabled Smartlock

Designed to withstand light traffic in a businesses or commercial setting.


Grade 2, Wifi enabled Smartlock

Designed to withstand moderate daily traffic in a businesses or commercial setting.


Grade 1, Wifi enabled Smartlock

Suitable for heavy use in a businesses or in a commercial setting.


Pin Codes

4-10 digits, mixed length accepted

Remote Locking

Unlock remotely via the app


Access via paired smartcard

Key Override

Additional level of safety / security

Mobile Credentials

Brand new technology

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